Chris Chung

Chris Chung

Chris has Master’s degrees in Landscape Architecture and Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. He also has a BA in Architecture from UC Berkeley.

At UPenn, his graduate research sought to visualize the displacement that comes with urbanization. His team paired video of urban spaces with music that Chris composed through a diagrammatic development of those spaces.  He also served as a teacher and critic for master’s students in architecture.  As an intern with Project Space in New York, he worked on the Petzel Gallery; with EwingCole in Philadelphia, he worked on conceptual design for a dormitory at Penn State.

One of his main interests lies in the potential of public spaces to facilitate neighborhood growth.  He believes that refined aesthetics and deepened integration with planners are key to making cities more connective, efficient, and healthy for their residents.

In his off hours, Chris dabbles in digital music production, DJing, and rock-climbing.

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