700 Santana Row

Completion/ 2019

Location/ San Jose, California

Awards/ 2022 ASLA-NCC Merit Award in General Design

Santana Row is one of the highest performing retail venues in the United States. At the terminus of Santana Row, GLS designed a public plaza adjacent to the office building by WRNS Studio.

Nicknamed Santana Row 2.0, this collaborative effort diversifies the Row by bringing office uses to the existing residential and retail neighborhood. Designed for a new generation of users and an influx of young Silicon Valley workers, the landscape for this new office building is set amongst existing housing and retail that will accommodate intensified use associated with increased densification.

This new plaza and 6th floor roof terrace uses the design language of classic modernism to usher in a new era for the world renowned, European-style retail center derived from Las Ramblas, the most famous street in Barcelona. New retail fronts onto the plaza with a fountain, ample seating and shade, while a newly raised street and widened sidewalks will bridge across Olsen Street, extending the much-loved intimate scale of Santana Row.