Haas School of Business

Completion/ 2018

Location/ Berkeley, California

Awards/ 2021 ASLA-NCC Honor Award - General Design

The Haas School of Business was the final work by renowned architect Charles Moore. Revolutionary among business schools for setting a collaborative and values-driven tone, it is now being expanded and renovated in two phases.

To update Moore’s intimate courtyard spaces in the first phase, GLS focused on flexibility so that the business school could accommodate commencements and fundraisers, improving the heart of the school as a civic and collegial space. Moore’s organically shaped, elevated concrete planters were replaced with a richly detailed 4-part patchwork of plantings, stone, concrete pavers and stainless steel letters. The new open layout allows movable furniture and 12 large Red Maples to be placed onto a patterned grid of black granite, creating intimate spaces without inhibiting the temporary placement of event structures. The apparent simplicity of the plaza conceals elaborate Silva Cell detailing below the surface of the 14,000 square foot site.