HOPE SF: Rebuild Potrero

Completion/ TBD

Location/ San Francisco, California

Awards/ 2022 ASLA National Award of Excellence in Urban Design; 2016 ASLA-NCC Merit Award in Research, Planning, Analysis & Communication

In rapidly densifying San Francisco, on an extraordinarily steep site with dramatic views, Rebuild Potrero is reinventing public housing while providing vulnerable citizens a refuge from displacement. 606 units of aging public housing are being replaced by a denser and more diverse mix of housing types.

The 38-acre neighborhood will have a unique open space network of terraces, sloping parks, community services and streets linked together by landscaped staircases carved from the south-facing serpentine slopes of Potrero Hill. A reconnected street grid supporting higher densities and dramatic views will replace the low density suburban plan, which has left the neighborhood socially and physically isolated from the adjacent historic working class neighborhood, transit and services.