Hunters View

Completion/ 2014

Location/ San Francisco, California

Awards/ 2011 ASLA National Honor Award

Located on a steep 22 acre site, the Hunters View neighborhood replaces San Francisco’s most problematic public housing with 267 new public housing units subsidized by an additional 250 units of market rate housing.

The new neighborhood addresses issues of site grading, park design, streetscape design, and stormwater management. Because of the area’s previous low density, curving streets and dead ends allowed limited access to adjacent neighborhoods. The redesign incorporated a grid to connect to the surrounding neighborhood and support higher density housing, while creating more usable and secure public open space that takes advantage of previously neglected views. Several smaller mid-block and pocket parks are scattered across the site, each within short walking distance of every residence. Community input and participation took place throughout the design process, with regular meetings and site tours of model projects and open spaces. Through phased construction, residents already living in Hunters View did not require relocation offsite at any point in the construction process. In a large cistern buried underneath Promontory Park, runoff is detained and slowly released to the City’s combined sewer system for treatment, and can be reused for irrigation in subsequent phases. Street design furthers the recommendations of the San Francisco Better Streets Plan, which ensures that streets invite people to walk to public transit, and perform the multiple functions of accommodating pedestrians, bicycles, trees, stormwater management and infrastructure.