Visitacion Valley/Schlage Lock Site

Location/ San Francisco, CA

Currently under development, this mixed use neighborhood in Visitacion Valley will occupy the 20 acre site of the historic Schlage Lock factory, bordered by Caltrain tracks and Bayshore Boulevard.

Given its location between 2 transit corridors and adjacency to an underutilized Caltrain station, the new neighborhood must represent a distinct and inviting destination; its characteristics took shape during an intensive period of community engagement with Visitacion Valley residents. A 1926 office building associated with the former factory will remain as a gateway building. The adjacency to transit makes the site ideal for housing and incorporates a full service supermarket in what has traditionally been an underserved neighborhood.  Retail and housing front onto three new parks, while the new street network extends the grid of the Visitacion Valley neighborhood.  Streets and open spaces incorporate state of the art strategies for urban horticulture, large community gardens, stormwater management, lighting and public art.  In addition to the streets, there is a secondary network of pedestrian connections leading to the Caltrain Station.  Challenges include designing for wind control, traffic, noise and, given the former industrial site, soil remediation.