Transbay Block 9

Completion/ 2017

Location/ San Francisco, California

The Transbay project is one of the most important development opportunities for San Francisco in decades, transforming the vestiges of the former freeway and infrastructure into a transit-oriented neighborhood supporting a range of residential, retail and open space opportunities.

Transbay Block 9, a mixed-rate housing development, features a 40-story market-rate tower with 3 story hanging gardens (part of the GLS scope) set into each corner. Also designed by GLS for the tower will be a roof deck at podium, offering a range of amenities including seating, fireplaces, a barbeque area, sculptures, and community greenhouses. At the tower’s base and adjacent to the project’s 8 story affordable housing portion is a courtyard, designed by GLS, with public seating and retail. Further streetscape designs conform to San Francisco’s Streetscape and Open Space Plan.